Our Chairman & Advisor

Master Charles Hwang is the Chairman & Advisor of ACT. Master Hwang originated from Fujian Nanan, China and is a Chinese geomancy practitioner.

Presently, Master Hwang is a successful businessman in Kuala Lumpur and is also the Chief Advisor to the Tian Xin Ju Geomancy Centre.

Master Hwang furthered his studies in the science and art of Chinese geomancy as an understudy to the renowned Professor of China Tsinghua University and subsequently inherited his father’s business in 2002. Master Hwang practices in various countries such as China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, West Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Having achieved resounding success in his career and business, Master Hwang is a philanthropist at heart; touching the lives of everyone he meets. Recently, Master Hwang was part of a charitable effort to help individuals with thalassemia in Malaysia.

His nobility and everlasting belief in the youth, led to his investment and support of ACT. Master Hwang hopes that, by creating a platform of students and entrepreneurs, education and career providers can work hand in hand to build a nation of young leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Some of the notable companies that Master Hwang is presently a part of are as follows:-


Ocean Biotech Sdn Bhd                     –                       Chairman

K155 Sdn Bhd                                    –                       Chairman

Trio Arms & Ammunition Sdn Bhd   –                       Chairman

TH Metal Mining Sdn Bhd                 –                       Chairman

TH Construction Sdn Bhd                  –                       Chairman

CC Hwang & Sons Sdn Bhd              –                       Chairman