1. Can a student demand and/or choose which Sponsor to intern with; for purposes of the “Internship Placement”?

 A student may indicate their preference. However, the allocation will be dependent on   ACT’s recommendation and/or the availability of space at the respective Sponsor Company.

2. Where is the location of the “Internship Placement”?

 This will be dependent on the respective Sponsor Company. The location will generally be within the Klang Valley area.

3. Will the hostel location be near to the class location and/or the “Internship Placement” site?

The priority will be to locate all students at an accommodation which is either, near their class venue or near the “Internship Placement” site. Either way, the accommodation provided will have easy access to public transports for the ease of commute.

4. Is the hostel accommodation provided by ACT?

Hostel accommodations are provided either by the Sponsor Company or ACT. Hostel    accommodations will be within the Klang Valley area.

5. How should a student make payment?

To signify their interest in joining the Programme, an interested candidate is to make   a “pre-registration” payment of RM200.00. The interested candidate can then make his/her way to the accommodation allocated; upon arrival, a sum of RM4,600.00 is payable (RM300.00 as the accommodation deposit and RM4,300.00 as second part-payment towards the tuition fees).

6. What are the banking details?

All payments are to be made to “ACT HUBS SDN BHD”; Hong Leong Bank Berhad bank account number: 3950-000-8314.

7. How long is the duration of the “Internship Placement”?

Throughout the duration of the course.

8. Are the courses conducted recognised by the Malaysian government?

Yes, the courses offered are recognised as “Executive Programmes” by the Malaysian government. These programmes are offered by various education providers in Malaysia as alternative programmes that allow students to study and conduct “practical trainings” at the same time. The qualification(s) obtained at the end of the programme allows students to further their studies locally and/or internationally.

9. Will local institutions of higher learning (private / public) accept and recognised the Diploma obtained under the Programmes offered by ICM (UK)?

As mentioned above, the qualification(s) obtained at the of the programme allows students to further their studies locally and/or internationally. As the qualification is provided by a learning institution in UK, students will have no issues furthering their studies at institutions of higher learning in the UK.

On the local front, it must be noted that, local institutions of higher learning (private / public) has the sole and ultimate discretion in determining enrolment and/or acceptance of students into their course(s) and/or programme(s). The enrolment and/or acceptance procedure is individualistic in nature and there is no standard procedure for all local institutions of higher learning (private / public).

10. If a student fails to secure the “Internship Placement” at the respective Sponsor Companies’ workplace, will a refund be given?

No, a refund will not be given. ACT will arrange for multiple subsequent interviews       with various other Sponsors. 99% of students under the “Industry Sponsorship Programme” were able to secure placement under the “Internship Placement”.

11. What documents should I have with me to register?

Please bring along a copy of your NRIC, copy of your parents’ OR guardian’s NRIC, four (4) passport-sized photographs (with blue background), your “Sijil Pelepasan Sekolah”, and SPM / PT3 results (or trial results; as the case may be).

12. When will students sit for their examinations?

Generally, all examinations will follow the examinations timetable in UK. The common examinations months are March, June, September, and December.

13. What are the daily internship hours of the “Internship Placement”?

Students are required to attend 1 day of class.

Students will participate in the “Internship Placement” programme for 5 days throughout the week. The working hours will vary based on the Sponsor Company’s requirements. At present, the internship hours are 8 hours of internship with a 1-hour break (total of 9 hours).

14. Will the student receive EPF contributions and SOCSO coverage during the duration of the “Internship Placement”?

 No, they will not. We are not allowed to make EPF contributions and payments for   SOCSO coverage under the “Internship Placement” programme. The “Internship Placement” programme is part of their course of study; which enables them to finish the course within 3 years and gain internship experience at the same time.

15. How will the student be protected during the duration of the “Internship Placement”?

There are insurance plans which are purchased for the students. More often than not, sponsors of the student would pay for the successful candidates’ insurance plan. In any event, ACT holds a general insurance policy whereby it protects all successful candidates that undergo the “Internship Placement” as part of the Industry Sponsorship Programme.

16. With so many things happening, will it be very burdensome for the successful candidate?

This is a very common misconception. This “Industry Sponsorship Programme” is designed to give a balanced study and work experience to all students. Candidates that graduate from this Programme are better prepared to face the “working world” and are better equipped with the necessary experience to secure employment, after graduation. The added value from their work experience throughout this Programme, coupled with the award of a dual-diploma at the end of their studies; priceless.