Vision & Mission

Our Mission

  1. To provide the “Industry Sponsorship Programme” for students at the Diploma, Degree, and Master’s level.
  1. To ensure and provide a secured career pathway for students under the “Industry Sponsorship Programme”.
  1. To achieve enrolment of 1,000 students into the “Industry Sponsorship Programme
  1. To enrol students from across Malaysia into the “Industry Sponsorship Programme”; to provide valuable education and invaluable internship experience to these students.

Our Vision

  1. To create an online hub that links all students (national and international) with education providers and employers around the world; ensuring that all students (national and international) are guaranteed a future in education and employment.
  1. To provide and secure career opportunities for all students (national and international) upon graduation from their tertiary education.
  1. To be the leading education hub in Malaysia; providing opportunities for students (national and international) to further their studies at reputable universities worldwide.