Founder & CEO

Message From the Founder & CEO – Miss Tiffany Lim

Welcome to ACT Hubs Sdn Bhd; a company established as a one-stop education and corporate training provider. Our philosophy is to create a platform for mutual success and enhanced win-win relationships. More specifically, we emphasise on providing valuable education and working experience to society at large.

Through our specially-designed Industry Sponsorship Programme (“ISP”), we are able to provide tertiary education to deserving individuals and thereafter, link them with leading corporate partners; to enhance their career opportunities.

Presently, ACT Hubs Sdn Bhd is proud and honoured to be the partner of AIMSMET Global Sdn Bhd and the Institute of Commercial Management, United Kingdom, in providing one of the most sought after “study cum internship” programme; our specially-designed ISP. This programme is sponsored by leading corporate partners and major brands; thus, providing a mature internship environment, comfortable accommodation, and monthly allowances to support the students’ living expenses.

It is the vision and hope of ACT Hubs Sdn Bhd, to create a network of successful young adults; as we move towards ensuring a newer and better Malaysia.

With that, I welcome all of you to be part of our specially-designed ISP and I wish you all the very best in achieving reputable education and valuable working-experience.